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Romance in Christian Marriage

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How Marriage Works:
21 Secrets Every Couple Needs to Know

Secret #12: It Only Takes One to Reignite Romance

How can we bring those warm feelings back to our relationship?
Is it even realistic to try to keep romantic love alive?

“My husband and I both discussed the question, “What’s the biggest problem or frustration in your marriage?” … We both chose the same answer: lack of romance. We have a small child. This isn't so much the problem as "everyday" events. We are so happy with one another and so happy to be together. We both describe our marriage as strong and bonded. We do both acknowledge the lack of romance as well. I fear this has the opportunity to become a bigger issue in the future.”—Katy M

A. You are wise to be concerned! Researchers have discovered that the romantic good feelings you are missing are tied to important brain chemicals. These hormones keep us healthy in mind and body, and also promise long life.

However, the key hormones that spell R.O.M.A.N.C.E. for husbands and wives are very different. Let’s delve deeper into the science behind it all …

Oxytocin for Wives

For women, the brain chemistry that creates romantic feelings is oxytocin. Oxytocin is the essential hormone that motivates women to “tend and befriend.”

Known as the cuddle, love, or trust hormone, oxytocin calms and relaxes women.
It creates secure emotional attachments in marriage, friendships, and families. Oxytocin causes strong contractions during childbirth,
“let down” when nursing, and is released in the greatest quantities during orgasm.

Unfortunately, lifestyle stress can create a deficiency of oxytocin in a woman’s brain. As a result, she may suffer from postpartum depression, anxiety, social isolation, panic attacks or sleep difficulties. Other symptoms include a resistance to affection and sexual intimacy.

The most powerful (non-sexual way) to raise a woman’s oxytocin levels is through loving touch and hugging. Nurturing activities such as caring for children, the elderly, or pets raise oxytocin levels too. Foods like chocolate and spicey curries can also be beneficial.

A husband’s warm affection including kissing, holding hands, and gentle massage raises a woman’s oxytocin levels even higher. Other romantic gestures such as flowers, compliments, a listening ear, and planning dates help keep a wife’s happiness hormones elevated. All this special attention makes her feel secure and loved and spells R.O.M.A.N.C.E. to a woman. (See also 1 Pet 3:7-8)

Testosterone for Husbands

For men, the big one is testosterone. This is hormone has the opposite effect of oxytocin, motivating a man to action, including the “fight or flight” response. Testosterone levels fluctuate during the day, regulating a host of vital functions within the male body. Testosterone gives a man his muscle strength and that powerful
“grrrr-go-getum” feeling.

However, lifestyle stress and excess belly fat lower base testosterone levels significantly. Men who suffer from below normal T-levels often experience low libido, erectile dysfunction, and become sluggish, agitated, or depressed. They are also at great risk for deadly diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, and cancer.

A man’s testosterone levels rise naturally during sexual intercourse, sound sleep, sunbathing, weight training, sports & recreation, emergencies, competition, altruism, sacrifice, and job success. Certain foods like turkey, peanut butter, bananas, and oatmeal can also be very beneficial.

A wife’s warm smiles, her trust, gratitude, quiet faith, respectful behavior, sports companionship, good cooking, and enthusiasm in the bedroom also give her husband’s testosterone levels a real boost. These responses help him feel needed and important and that spells R.O.M.A.N.C.E. to a man.
See also 1 Pet 3: 3-6)

So the good news is that yes, it’s desirable, realistic, and very possible to fan the flames of romance in your marriage. Fortunately, male and female responses are reciprocal, and it only takes one spouse to jump-start the process. The key is to focus on giving the strokes that your spouse finds romantic. Be patient, because sooner or later he will catch on and decide to
follow suit.

Another powerful way a wife can satisfy her need for romance is to calmly ask for what she needs in an undemanding way. Husbands are always happy to play the hero when they know exactly what is needed.


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Pop Quiz

1. Can you identify the oxytocin & testosterone hidden in Gen 3:16-18?
2. Based on this information, why do you think 1 Cor 7:5 commands married couples to make love on a regular basis?

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Denise said...

Wonderful, informative post.

Tami Boesiger said...

Important information, e-Mom. Thanks. It's nice to know I'm not just a needy sap!

ComeHaveaPeace said...

I love the info about oxytocin. It always reminds me of how God's design is to stimulate us to be drawn together. When we follow His plan for the "Drawing," it's a beautiful thing. Vive la romance!

Lisa Maria said...

I loved your post e-Mom. It has a lot of stuff I need to go back and read though. I wasn't sure I'd be able to post since I'm currently round the clock nursing a sick puppy but having pulled my third all-nighter last night I found I could use my husband's laptop and voila...hope my post actually makes sense coming out of a sleep-deprived brain!

Thank you for hosting this topic. I hope I find time to read everyone else's contributions.

God bless!

Constance said...

I never knew all of that! It amazes me how vastly different God has created men from women! It's sad that we live in a society where the pendulum has swung so far to the extreme side! Before, women were the devalued members and now extreme feminism has devalued men and their impact on family life!

Alicia The Snowflake said...

It's interesting how women and men are different in the areas of romance. It challenges me to do a better job of meeting my husband's needs. I love the information on oxytocin. It makes sense. Thanks for sharing!

Happy Monday!

Lisa Lewis Koster said...

Thanks for the informative post on such a great topic!

Christine said...

My take on the topic is a bit different today. The chemical stuff is not a problem for us (usually) and you know I enjoy my man! But the underlying romance stuff goes a lot deeper.... xoxo

Faith said...

so informative!! My ob/gyn and I were just talking about these hormones and the importance of them at my last physical! do YOU and E-Dad make romance happen in your marriage? sorry I took all day to link up....just didn't have time before leaving for work!

Shelley said...

I am looking forward to your return in the Autumn :)

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