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Living With Less so Your Family Has More

An Interview with Jill Savage

Many Chrysalis readers are stay-at-home or work-at-home Moms. I commend you! In the 80s (when the choice was a little easier to make) we decided to make the necessary sacrifices to keep me at home as long as possible. Our plan succeeded, but not without the help and wisdom of other parents who had gone before us.

Jill Savage is the founder of Hearts at Home* and the author of the new book, Living With Less so Your Family Has More. Jill and her husband Mark have a lot to say to today’s parents who want to learn about how to live well on one income. Here’s an excerpt quoted from an interview with Jill posted at Heart of the Matter Online.

Why did you want to write this book?

We didn’t start out with the “less is more” mindset. We started as a double income family wanting to have the “best” of everything. Then Mark decided to pursue ministry. We went from the “high life” to the “frugal life” very quickly as we moved to another state for him to go to Bible College full-time.

That experience introduced us to the concept that less is more. We definitely had less money, but we had more time. We had less stress and more peace. We had less activities and more fun.

Since that experience, we’ve continued to live primarily on one income for the past twenty years. We’ve had to battle cultural peer pressure and make different decisions for our family than many other families in our neighborhood have made. But we’ve never felt that we were materially depriving ourselves or our kids… instead we’ve focused on what we’ve actually been able to provide for them emotionally and relationally.

What do you hope your readers will gain from this book?

We hope the reader is encouraged to evaluate how they are living their life, spending their money, and thinking about family matters. Our goal is to introduce families to the “less is more” concept and then equip them with the attitudes and actions to actually make that happen.

For families that are already committed to less is more, we hope to bolster their resolve and help them stay focused on the long-term goal of providing relationally for their kids.

In today’s economy, there are many families being forced to live with less. We want to help them see the opportunity they have with this unexpected downsizing they’ve been forced to do.

And for those who have just been a little discontent with their life and saying things like, “I’m tired of the rat race of life,” or “Is there more to life than drive-thru meals for dinner?” we hope to help them see other choices they have and how they can lead their family in a different direction… You can read the rest of this interview here.

*Hearts at Home is an organization that encourages, educates, and equips women in the profession of motherhood. Through annual conferences, an extensive website, a free electronic newsletter, a radio program, and an entire line of books they are equipped to meet the needs of moms all over the world.

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"No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money." (Matt 6:24 ESV)

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Lynn said...

This is such a great topic. Those of us who are at home realize how much value we can add to our family (in all kinds of ways -- financial, spiritual, social) because we have the time to do so. The last couple years we have planted quite a sizeable garden, along with lots of fruit trees. Because I'm home, I have time to process all the food. We found that our food budget is much lower, and we really are eating like kings :)

Shelley said...

Well I am not a mother so I'm not a SAHM (but I know I'm welcome here :D) but I am the wife of an unemployed man - so this intrigues me at this stage in life. My man's contribution to our situation is our vegetable garden and it is a wonderful thing x Enjoyed this post x

e-Mom said...

Lynn: You're doing what some Moms only dream of... tending to your own garden and fruit trees. How fabulous (and healthy)! I'd love to see what's on your weekly menu.

Shelley: Yes, you are more than welcome here! I don't mean to exclude anyone in my posts, as you know.

I wasn't aware that your DH is unemployed. Is he still interested in pastoring? It's wonderful that he's a gardener... like the original Adam.

Oh, I do hope you get an offer on your house soon. (The market here in the PNW is awful--expected to drop another 20%). I know Canada has fared far better than the US through the recession.


Buffy said...

I love books like this which challenge us to live our lives a completely different way to what is expected by the modern world.

Donetta said...

have a wonderful day dear heart

Laura Grace said...

These are essential times to attend to what has real value rather than what marketers tell us we should value. "Living with less so your family has more" says it all. In our house we make things from scratch, use what we have till it wears out, provide our own amusement and yet have more of what really matters----companionship, faith, happiness.

Seemed funny to me, but I was actually interviewed about simple living the other day. I told the reporter that it's what people have always been doing. She thought it was downright "odd." Here's a post about it if you're interested.

e-Mom said...

Buffy: I guess some would think we're a bit old-fashioned!

Donetta: Thanks, you too! :~D

Laura Grace: I appreciate your visit to Chrysalis! Your article was very interesting, thanks. :~D

Roo said...

!! LOVE THIS!! esp. the title.

LittleWomen21 said...

The title is definitely intiguing and I believe the concept is oh, so true. How often do I dream I lived in a simpler life - maybe less options to choose from, but definitely more time to relax and enjoy life. Realized that the author's name sounded familiar, discovered I read another of her books, Professionalizing Motherhood.

Also, might on a related topic - might I suggest Still Life, by Mary Jenson? A tiny and little-known gem of a book. It's back flap reads: "One freckled apple on a china plate. A chipped white pitcher. A blue cloth draped in a graceful swirl. Like a still-life painting, a woman's soul long for tranquility in a busy world."

e-Mom said...

Roo: You're living this life... it's full of rewards isn't it? Shalom!

LittleWomen21: Thanks for the recommendation... your book sounds like the perfect read for very busy Moms. ღ

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